Laser Therapy

An Explanation In The Development, Use And Benefits Of;

Low Intensity Laser Therapy (also known as low level or cold laser) has been used in rehabilitation medicine, for over 3 decades, to successfully treat many acute and chronic injuries and complaints. It is understood that laser therapy creates positive biological improvements at the cellular level as so dramatic and lasting changes are possible painlessly and without unwanted effects.

The basic science behind Laser Therapy

Effective for pain control, muscle tears, arthritis and a large number of other conditions (see list to the right). The same type of laser therapy can treat a host of different afflictions due to the nature of laser light and the human tissue response. At APR clinics we provide several different types of laser therapy to keep up with the advancements in biotechnology and to provide the ability to effectively treat a broader list of conditions.

Laser therapy can be used as a standalone therapy or in conjunction with Chiropractic, Massage, Physiotherapy or other advanced therapies. Suitability of using laser therapy to help with whatever condition you have can be addressed by a number of our qualified practitioners.

How fast does Laser Therapy work?

Relief can often be felt after the first treatment but may take up to 6 sessions depending on the nature and chronicity of the conditions. In rare cases there may be a temporary increase in symptoms. The number of sessions varies typically from 5 to 30.


Headaches TMJ (facial pain) Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Rotator Cuff Tears Herniated Discs Degenerative Discs Tennis Elbow Tendinitis Bursitis Facet Irritation Facet Syndrome Skin Conditions Inflammation Gout Osteoarthritis Rheumatoid Arthritis Plantar Fasciitis Wounds and Ulcers Over Use Symptoms Repetitive Strain Sprains Shingles Fibromyalgia Shoulder Pain Concussions

How effective is laser therapy?

  • Proponents of laser therapy say it offers both temporary pain relief and long-term healing.
  • Supporters of laser therapy suggest it could treat ailments as diverse as arthritis, chronic pain, joint disorders, and even addictions, such as smoking.
  • Research on pain in other areas of the body suggests that laser therapy can, as a minimum, offer temporary pain relief.
  • Unlike surgical lasers, cold lasers do not heat up the body’s tissues.

Laser Therapy Treatment in Kitchener and Owen Sound

Your body knows how to heal itself, and the elements of nature that can assist that process are all around us -- including light. Laser therapy is a means of using focused, amplified light to speed healing and relieve pain in a wide range of acute and chronic conditions. Here at Advanced Pain Relief Clinic, we're proud to offer, not one, but two different varieties of laser therapy treatment in Kitchener and Owen Sound.

How Does Cold Laser Therapy Work?

Laser therapy is often referred to as low-level laser therapy or cold laser therapy. These terms emphasize the fact that the laser operates at much lower frequency than the high-intensity lasers used in surgery. Instead of making incisions and vaporizing tissues as a surgical laser so effectively does, a low-level laser beam passes right through the skin surface without so much as a mark. Its objective lies underneath -- the underlying soft tissues that are currently injured, inflamed or causing chronic pain.

The beam's frequency level stimulates mitochondria to produce more ATP, the essential fuel needed for cellular repair. Armed with this extra fuel, the cells can repair themselves more quickly and thoroughly, accelerating your recovery. The beam also enhances blood flow and lymphatic drainage at the treatment site, allowing fluids and inflammatory substances to be expelled while introducing more healing nutrients to the tissues.

Natural Healing and Pain Relief Applications for Laser Therapy

Our chiropractor and head clinician, Dr. Moona S. Rahemtulla, makes use of two different types of laser therapy technology to suit different needs. Our Bioflex laser is a Class 3b laser that does a great job of providing focused healing and pain relief in more superficial tissues. Our K-Laser is a Class 4 laser, which has the extra power needed to penetrate to deeper tissue levels. Whichever type of laser therapy you require, rest assured that you won't feel any pain or experience any downtime following a treatment session. In fact, you may love the warm sensation and pain relief you experience even during the very first session!

Laser therapy's non-surgical, drug-free benefits make it an excellent complement to the other conservative care techniques we offer. As part of a personalized holistic healing and pain relief strategy, we may recommend it for:

  • Tendonitis
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome and other overuse injuries
  • Acute soft tissue injuries
  • Neuropathy
  • Neck pain
  • Back pain

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Laser therapy is harmless enough that most patients can undergo it as frequently as needed, making it an excellent means of chronic pain management. But that doesn't mean that this technology is necessarily the right choice for everybody; certain health conditions and situations might steer us toward a different solution for your symptoms. The best way to find out whether laser therapy makes sense for you is by calling either of our offices for a consultation with our chiropractor in Kitchener and Owen Sound!


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