Physiotherapy Services at Advanced Pain Relief Clinic in Kitchener and Owen Sound

At Advanced Pain Relief Clinic, we offer a wide range of treatment options aimed at encouraging natural healing and wellbeing in your body. If you suffer from pain from illness or injury, we want to provide you with the most advanced treatment options available to you. Physiotherapy is one of them. When you meet with your physiotherapists in Kitchener and Owen Sound, you’ll have access to life-changing pain relief solutions.


How Can Physiotherapy Help You?

Pain relief is possible with physiotherapy. When you visit our offices, the first step is to learn more about your pain including its cause. After an examination, we’ll provide you with a customized treatment plan that addresses the underlying pain you have. First, we’ll work to correct the underlying cause of your pain. Then, we want to minimize the risk that you’ll worsen the pain or develop further complications. To do this, we need to take a step back and re-teach your body the proper ways to move and function to avoid complications to the spinal column and joints.

To achieve this, we create a blueprint of exercises that work to strengthen your body and correct any irregularities that contribute or even cause your pain. These are a form of corrective exercises designed to reduce pain and limit worsening of it. Post-surgical pain, for example, is often related to old moving patterns. By correcting those patterns, we can reduce your pain and improve your mobility.

We work to reset the abnormal adopted movement pattern with one that is more conducive to the way your body should work. This can be helpful after surgery, after disease treatment, and as you recover from an injury.

Physiotherapy Techniques

Physiotherapy is a big component of your recovery and pain relief, but we often will combine this type of care with other holistic methods to encourage long-term health improvement and pain relief. Among the other services we may recommend are:

Chiropractic Care: To correct the underlying cause of your pain, the misalignment of the spinal column or joints, we’ll use chiropractic care. This is the process of using gentle force to properly align the joints to reduce pressure.

Laser Therapy: With laser therapy, we can offer a very targeted approach to improving your pain. This is not a laser that damages your skin, but it does stimulate healing in an impacted area such as a muscle.

Massage: Massage therapy can help to encourage blood flow to the area’s impacted. It works to reduce inflammation but also encourages the body’s natural immune system to go to work to reduce pain.

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