Stem Cell Therapy

Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy for Tendons and Ligaments

Advanced Relief Pain Clinics offer cutting edge stem cell therapy in Kitchener and Owen Sound Ontario. The use of stem cells in research and treatment is still a hot topic for several reasons. Stem cell therapy could potentially revolutionize the way we practice medicine in the future.


What Is So Special About Stem Cells?

Stem cells may be the most miraculous microscopic wonders in the body. They have the ability to become cells meant to perform specific duties or replicate themselves. Depending upon the age of the donor and the location in the body, stem cells serve multiple purposes for studying disease, testing new drugs, and generating healthy cells among unhealthy cells.

Advanced Pain Relief Clinics and Stem Cell Therapy

Change comes to the body after it is injured or as it ages. Stem cell therapy is designed to compensate for the body's inability to heal or regenerate by introducing cells that can help the body to heal and the cells to regenerate. We use this cell therapy in the treatment of degeneration in the bones, ligaments, muscles, and tendons.

How Do You Acquire Stem Cells?

Our patients' interests are our primary concern at Advanced Pain Relief Clinics. Instead of exposing them to any of these risks, we use samples donated from mothers who consent to the collection of their newborn child's umbilical cord after pre-arranged cesarean sections. Stem cells can be sourced from birth tissue available at tissue banks, but they can also be found in bone marrow and fat tissue. Multiple variables like time, age, pain and discomfort, infection, and contamination come into play when these cells are being collected.

Extracting stem cells from fat tissue runs the risk of collecting toxins along with them. Stem cell extraction from bone marrow is painful, invasive, and leaves the donor vulnerable to infection. Age is also a factor in the effectiveness of the procedure. Stem cells are as old as the donor. The older the sample, the higher the potential for the procedure to fail. This is why it is preferred to obtain stem cells from a younger source, and a painless option happens to be from the umbilical cord after a child has been born via cesarean section.

Stem Cells and Pain Relief

The very young stem cells sourced from umbilical cords are very potent and can reproduce themselves and nearly every kind of cell that exists in the human body. After a high concentration of these cells and a growth factor are injected into the affected area, they quickly begin to replicate and heal, bringing relief to long-term and chronic pain sufferers.

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