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Technology Driven Corrective Pain Relief Under One Roof

At Advanced Pain Relief Clinic, corrective pain relief meets whole-body wellness! Our team of holistic doctors in Kitchener and Owen Sound work together to help YOU reclaim your health. We are committed to using non-invasive, drug-free, and holistic healing methods to help you find pain relief and overall well-being–without the risk of side effects or adverse reactions that often come with more “conventional” methods of treatment.

At Advanced Pain Relief Clinic, Owen Sound and Kitchener patients can take advantage of the services of our multi-disciplinary and highly experienced team, which includes:

Owen Sound and Kitchener patients can rest assured that we can help alleviate pain and restore their body’s overall well-being.

Why Advanced Pain Relief Clinic

At Advanced Pain Relief Clinic, we rely on the latest advancements in technology and functional applications to reduce and eliminate pain, including chiropractic care, corrective exercises, and custom orthotic devices. While we recognize that drugs and surgery may be necessary for some people, our interdisciplinary team feels that these “conventional” approaches are best used as a last resort. Instead, we ask our patients to work with us in an open-minded way that allows our team to explore non-invasive, drug-free, and holistic therapeutic approaches to pain management, leading to an improved first-line approach to both common and uncommon pain problems.

As your pain management team, our holistic doctors in Kitchener and Owen Sound want you to achieve long-term pain relief–without exposing you to the risk of drug dependency or unwanted side effects. We’re committed to using a highly individualized approach to care and believe that every patient should be evaluated and treated on a per-case basis. We work with you to find the best treatment approaches that will meet your needs.

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We are currently accepting patients from Owen Sound, Kitchener-Waterloo, and surrounding Ontario communities.

If you have questions about our unique approach to wellness and healing, please–call our offices in Owen Sound or Kitchener-Waterloo. Our friendly staff is standing by ready to help answer your questions and connect you with the right team members to help you begin your journey back to health. We also welcome referrals, so feel free to use the “Send to a Friend” link located at the bottom of every page to share our health information with your family and friends.

Dr. Moona S. Rahemtulla D.C., C.Ped(C)


Under the leadership of Dr. Moona S. Rahemtulla, our team works together to provide lasting, whole-body healing for people from Kitchener, Owen Sound, and the surrounding Ontario communities.

Our doctors will listen closely to you, provide a comprehensive diagnosis, and use a variety of treatment options to resolve your pain without surgery.

Our goal is to assist in correcting the cause of the pain with non-invasive methods conveniently located under one roof for convenience and cohesive care.

Trust our Owen Sound chiropractor to give you the best possible care.

Call us for a consultation for pain management at our pain clinic in Kitchener: (519) 885-3500; or Owen Sound:(519) 376-9355.

Advanced Pain Relief Clinic is the “chiropractor near me” you have been searching for on the web.

At Advanced Pain Relief Clinic, we’re here to help residents of Kitchener and Owen Sound, ON in Canada find the best chiropractic care for them, including chiropractic adjustments!
Cold Laser Therapy

Since its introduction into health care, laser therapy has been used to treat numerous conditions. At Advanced Pain Relief Clinic, we invest in new technology to improve the health of our patients.


At Advanced Pain Relief Clinic, we are dedicated to bringing our clients the very best in pain relief, and innovative treatments.

At Advanced Pain Relief Clinic in Kitchener and Owen Sound, we offer spinal manipulation, which is the treatment most often associated with chiropractors.


Do your feet ache after a day of being on your feet? Do you find you have to take days off work because of it?


A variety of conditions can cause foot pain. These may include common problems such as cords, bunions, heel pain and heel spurs, as well as the problems illustrated below.


Braces are medical devices used to help people throughout the entire continuum of care.


Your nerves don’t just relay functional messages throughout your body — they also provide your physical sensation of the outside world.

Neurologically - Enriched Chiropactic

What is Neurologically-Enriched Chiropractic? The premise of Chiropractic care has always had its’ roots in finding health for patients by improving the functioning of nervous system.


Our highly qualified chiropractors at Advanced Pain Relief Clinic are skilled in evaluating and treating a wide variety of disorders affecting the musculoskeletal, nervous, respiratory, and circulatory systems.

Massage Therapy

Are you feeling severe chronic headache, prenatal discomfort, neck or back pain?

Spinal Health & Wellness

If you’re looking for the best ways to improve your quality of life and feel your best, don’t underestimate the power of spinal health and wellness.


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