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Bunions develop over time. They may be painless for quite a while as they develop, only beginning to cause discomfort when the skin becomes reddened and sore and the patient finds themselves switching footwear in an attempt to relieve the pain. When you feel discomfort from a bunion, you can find relief with treatment from our Doctors and care professionals here at Advanced Pain Relief Clinic in Owen Sound, Kitchener and Port Elgin.

What is Morton’s Neuroma?

Essentially, this foot condition is defined by the thickening of tissue in your foot. When this tissue thickens around nerves that lead to your toes, it causes pain in the ball of your foot due to tightening of the ligaments and nerves.

Causes of Bunions

  • Heredity- Bunions often run in families with an inherited foot shape/ type.
  • Gender- Women are far more likely to develop bunions. Adolescent bunions occur most often in girls aged 10-15.
  • Arthritis- Rheumatoid arthritis sufferers are at greater risk for the condition.
  • Uneven weight bearing- Causes the toe joint to become unstable.
  • Poorly fitting shoes and High Heels- tight, narrow, ill-fitting toe-crowding shoes.
  • Foot Injury or Foot deformity.
  • Flat Feet.

Symptoms and Possible Complications

  • Pain and burning feeling
  • Bulge or bump on the outside of the big toe base
  • Corns and/or calluses
  • Swelling, redness, soreness
  • Difficulty walking
  • Even if your bunions are painless, the presence of bunions can lead to complications like:
    • Bursitis
    • Arthritis
    • Hammer toes
    • Painful calluses
    • Difficulty walking

Diagnosis and Treatment of Bunions

At Advanced Pain Relief Clinic can quickly diagnose bunions by a physical examination of your foot, but they may require an x-ray to determine the extent of deformity/damage that has already occurred.
Treatment of bunions depends upon their severity. Your chiropractor can adjust a misaligned MTP joint, which will reduce fluid in the area, which reduces pain. You may also have other foot/knee misalignment that has been contributing to bunion and foot pain; this will be adjusted as well.
Other non-surgical treatment may include:

  • Orthotics or shoe inserts to relieve pressure on the toe
  • Taping, splinting or padding the toe
  • Recommendations for appropriate footwear
  • Ice to reduce pain and inflammation

Severe bunions may require surgical correction