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Neurologically-Enriched Chiropractic

What is Neurologically-Enriched Chiropractic? The premise of Chiropractic care has always had its’ roots in finding health for patients by improving the functioning of nervous system. Sometimes that meant moving bones to relieve “pinched nerves” or “slipped discs”. While this model is familiar to most people there is another vast side to this type of hands on physical medicine that is only recently gaining a better understanding. Now appropriate neurologic applitions in Chiropractic care can be offer help for previously diffcult to treat disorders. In addition to the convential benefits associated with Chriopractic new hope is now being offered for head injuries/concussive disorders, processing abnormalities associated with impaired learning, vestibular disorders head and facial pain, numbness/tingling and certain complex neurologic disorders. Advanced Pain Relief Clinic is happy to offer care for common and complex conditions alike.