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If you are having a lot of pain in your lower body, it may be due to sciatica. This is a kind of nerve pain that can make life much more difficult. There are various levels of this pain, but many people have a severe case of it that makes it harder to do what they need to each day. There are some treatments from the chiropractor, however, that can relieve your sciatic nerve pain and prevent it from returning. If you are in Canada in the Kitchener or Owen Sound, ON, areas, we have offices to serve you. If you have lower back pain, give us a call to schedule your exam and any treatments that you need.

Advanced Pain Relief

Sciatic Nerve Pain

Sciatica occurs when the sciatic nerve is irritated. This is one of the body’s major nerves. It starts in the lower back and goes down through the body through the hips, then the buttocks, and then through the legs. This nerve can become painful in several circumstances and start to cause pain.

If you have a herniated disk or your spine has a bone spur, this can affect the sciatic nerve. Another cause is spinal stenosis, which occurs when the spine narrows near its base. If you have diabetes or a tumor in certain areas, it can also cause sciatic nerve compression. The pain of sciatica is usually present on just one side.

Symptoms of Sciatica

Lower back pain and pain that radiates down on leg are the most common symptoms of sciatica. Coughing and sneezing often worsen the pain. Sitting for long periods can also make it worse. The side that has sciatica may also feel tingly or numb, and you may experience muscle weakness in the corresponding area. You may need chiropractic adjustments to help with the pain and to get the body into better alignment for less pressure on the nerve.

Chiropractic Adjustments for Sciatica in Owen Sound, ON, Canada

Whether you need chiropractic adjustments or another treatment from the chiropractor, you need to give us a call if you think you may have sciatica. We have chiropractor offices in both Kitchener and Owen Sound, ON, in Canada for your convenience.