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Around seven million Americans live with scoliosis, but the severity of the condition can vary between sufferers. Some do not even realize that there is an issue due to mild symptoms, while others suffer from debilitating pain as a result of scoliosis. At Advanced Pain Relief Clinic in Kitchener and Owen Sound, ON, our chiropractor can help you find relief.

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What Are Scoliosis and What Are the Symptoms?

Scoliosis is a treatable condition. And, as a chiropractor specializes in the health of the musculoskeletal system, it’s unsurprising that they can help with such an issue.

One of the main courses of chiropractic treatment is the spinal adjustment. These are designed specifically to ensure that each vertebra is in its proper place. It’s important to understand, though, that one treatment will not fix the entire problem. However, each one can build up to lasting improvements.

Another common chiropractic method of treatment is therapeutic exercises. You will be prescribed specific movements that will help stretch and strengthen your back. This is important, as it promotes and supports a healthy spine. Depending on the severity of your condition and symptoms, other chiropractic treatments might be recommended.

How Can a Chiropractor Help?

Chiropractic adjustments are some of the best tools to help alleviate pain. Our chiropractor will first conduct a physical exam to determine the root cause of your pain, and this might include imaging tests such as x-rays. Using their physical exam and images, a chiropractor can then conduct chiropractic adjustments to help you find relief and realign your skeletal system slowly and gently. They can also recommend other treatments that coincide with chiropractic adjustments, such as massages of the muscles, gentle muscle stretches, and even lifestyle changes to help you find relief at home.

Scoliosis Treatment in Kitchener and Owen Sound, ON, Canada

Don’t let scoliosis control your life when you can have the team at Advanced Pain Relief Clinic on your side. Schedule your appointment at the Kitchener, ON location at (519) 376-9355 or the Owen Sound, ON location at (519) 376-9355.