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Herniated Disc Relief: FAQ

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If you’re feeling the pain and discomfort of a herniated disc, you probably have questions about your condition and options for pain relief. These FAQs compiled by Advanced Pain Relief Clinic in Kitchener and Owen Sound provide the answers you need to make sound decisions concerning herniated disc treatment.

What is a herniated disc?

Spinal discs are structures located between vertebrae in your spine. Composed of a jelly-like substance surrounded by a tough, outer casing, spinal discs function as a cushion between spinal bones to enhance spinal function and movement. If the outer casing of a spinal disc suffers damage or ruptures, the inner jelly substance may leak out, resulting in a herniated disc.

What causes a herniated disc?

A traumatic impact to the spine from an auto accident or sports collision can damage a spinal disc’s casing, causing the internal gelatinous material to leak out. Spinal discs can also become damaged due to age-related degeneration or repetitive twisting and lifting motions, which makes them more prone to herniation.

What are some herniated disc symptoms?

Depending on the severity of your condition, you may experience the following herniated disc symptoms:

  • Pain, numbness, or weakness in your neck or spine due to the disc pressing on spinal nerves
  • Neck or back tenderness
  • Muscle spasms
  • Restricted range of motion or mobility

How are herniated discs diagnosed?

Our chiropractor will perform a physical exam and review your medical history to diagnose this condition. We may take x-rays or an MRI to get an accurate diagnosis.

How does chiropractic care treat herniated discs?

Holistic chiropractic treatments and regenerative medicine can be used to treat herniated discs. Chiropractic techniques like adjustments and spinal decompression are used to gently ease spinal vertebrae and discs back into alignment, so your body has a chance to heal. This reduces pain and improves spinal movement. Massage therapy is used to reduce muscle spasms while physical therapy improves spinal stability to expedite healing.

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