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How Massage Therapy

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How Massage Therapy Can Relieve Pain

Many people think of massage as a luxury that only takes place at a spa, at a mall kiosk, or at an artisan’s boutique. While massage is an enjoyable experience that can be easily incorporated into a relaxing day at the health spa, it also has the potential to be therapeutic and to relieve pain.

Here at the Advanced Pain Relief Clinic in Owen Sound, massage therapy is not just enjoyable, it is an important part of regular Chiropractic Care. The benefits of massage therapy include improved strength and flexibility, better circulation, and more.

How Massage Therapy Relieves Pain

Pain is the number one reason people seek medical treatment. Often times, temporary and chronic pain can be treated without surgery and without taking side effect-ridden pain killers. In addition to being enjoyable, massage therapy is a great first step in addressing longstanding pain. This is especially true when no injury is present, and it gives your chiropractic professional a chance to discover the possible cause of your pain.

Massage therapy loosens tight muscles and ligaments that can cause musculoskeletal misalignment and constrictions that lead to chronic pain and injury. It improves circulation to the treated area. This is critical for long term wellness because, without proper circulation, the body cannot perform its healing functions.

In addition to these benefits, massage therapy can also reduce anxiety and stress. As you know, many serious ailments arise after a major stressor crops up in our lives. For this reason, managing stress is an important way to reduce the chance of developing any number of chronic or dangerous conditions.

Non-Invasive Pain Relief Is the Best Pain Relief

At a point in time when the medical community has developed a bad habit of over-prescribing dangerous and potentially addictive medications, your chiropractic professional at Advanced Pain Relief Clinic in Owen Sound and Kitchener, is always looking to reduce the need for drugs and invasive medical interventions.

To learn more about therapeutic massage as an effective treatment for pain, get in touch with us at Advanced Pain Relief Clinic, today. Give us a call at (519) 885-3500 in Kitchener or (519) 376-9355 in Owen Sound.