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How Regenerative Medicine Can Help With Arthritis

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Regenerative Medicine & Arthritis

Arthritis comes in many different forms. Muscles, tendons, and ligaments are affected by arthritis. If you are dealing with arthritis of any kind and as a result are experiencing discomfort and swelling, you can take advantage of regenerative medicine from one of our chiropractors here at Advanced Pain Relief Clinic. We have offices in both Hamilton and Collingwood. This type of therapy works by promoting regrowth and repair to cells or tissues that have been damaged inside of the body. It can be achieved through prolotherapy, PRP, or stem cell therapy.


This is an amazingly effective and safe way to help with tendon, and ligament healing in people that are dealing with arthritis. Natural compounds are injected into the tissue that has been damaged. As a result, a healing response is initiated which causes the regrowth of new tissue. It can help slow down the progression of arthritis and relieve spasms, stiffness, and pain.


Platelet-rich plasma also works to help the body heal naturally. PRP works by extracting different types of growth factors and platelets from within your blood and using it to promote healing and regrowth. It is injected into tissue that is damaged directly. As a result, you will experience relief from arthritis pain.

Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy includes the extraction of stem cells directly from fatty tissue or bone marrow. These stem cells can also come directly from a donor. The purpose of stem cell therapy is to help your body promote the regrowth of tissue. Cells are injected in tissue that has been damaged as a result of arthritis. Your body will be able to benefit from new and healthy cells without any painful and uncomfortable symptoms from arthritis.

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