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Preventing Foot and Ankle Injury When Active Outdoors

Your Chiropractor in Kitchener and Owen Sound Talks About Prevention of Ankle and Foot Injuries

Feet can easily experience stress fractures, tendonitis and other soft tissue injuries from overuse or wearing improper ankle/feet protection when active outdoors. Stress fractures are tiny, hairline fractures affecting any one of the bones constituting the foot. Metatarsals (bones connecting the center of the foot to the toes), frequently suffer stress fractures due to the stress of intense physical activity. For example, football players are constantly making abrupt twists and turns while running as hard as possible, facilitating fractures of metatarsals. Additionally, your chiropractor in Kitchener and Owen Sound frequently treat people with feet and ankle injuries due to wearing inadequately protective or ill-fitting shoes.

Peroneal Tendon Tears

Functioning as ankle stabilizers, peroneal tendons are located on the outside of your ankles. These two tendons assist in ankle movement and are prone to injury when engaged in physical activity outdoors. If your foot and ankle are already mechanically unsound, peroneal tendonitis is likely to occur, causing swelling and pain of the affected foot and ankle. If severe enough, you may need chiropractic care and wear an ankle brace to alleviate stress on the tendon and stabilize the ankle.

Extensor Tendonitis

Extensor tendons are tendons located on the top of the foot and are responsible for straightening your toes. The most common kind of extensor tendonitis is tibialis anterior inflammation. Typically caused by overexertion, muscle tightness in calves and fallen foot arches, extensor tendonitis may be prevented by performing warm-up exercises before engaging in vigorous physical activity.

Treatment for Foot and Ankle Injuries

Advanced Pain Relief offers several treatment options for ankle/feet injuries such as physiotherapy, low intensity laser therapy and shockwave therapy. In addition to providing patients with injury prevention techniques, physiotherapy involves the use of evidence-based chiropractic care to reduce pain and stiffness, promote healing and improve mobility of the foot and ankle. Shockwave therapy relies on therapeutic acoustic waves to stimulate healing and regeneration of damaged soft tissues.

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