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Using Laser Therapy to Treat Concussions

Laser Therapy in Kitchener and Owen Sound

At Advanced Pain Relief Clinic, we provide laser therapy in Kitchener and Owen Sound as a means of treating any number of injuries and medical conditions. In fact, if you or a loved one is suffering from a concussion, we may be able to utilize this innovative therapy as a means of treatment.

How Physiotherapy and Laser Therapy Can Treat Concussions

Laser therapy is a form of physiotherapy that utilizes precise, high-powered lasers to speed up the body’s own natural healing processes in a variety of ways. At Advanced Pain Relief Clinic, we offer two different types of laser therapy to suit your needs. Specifically, our Bioflex therapy can be effective in treating concussions; this is because these lasers can be used to non-invasively penetrate the tissues and, using low-intensity, can actually help the brain recover from a concussion. The best part about this is that these low-intensity lasers are able to promote the body’s own natural healing processes, so there is no need for any risky drugs or other dangerous treatments to see results.

Based on these recent findings, we are now proud to be working with Meditech (founders of the Bioflex laser) to provide concussion treatment using laser therapy. We’ll begin with a consultation to see whether or not you’re a viable candidate for laser therapy; if so, we can move onto scheduling your treatment session. All of our laser therapy consultations are 100% complimentary and are available at both of our area locations.

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If you’ve recently suffered a concussion and are interested in learning more about laser therapy treatment, don’t hesitate to schedule your consultation with Advanced Pain Relief Clinic today. You can get started by requesting your appointment online or calling either of our offices in Owen Sound or Kitchener-Waterloo. Both offices are open throughout the week, and our Kitchener-Waterloo office is even open on Saturdays for your convenience.

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